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Revel Société is a bespoke, members-only party society. We invite free thinkers, philanthropists, partiers, revolutionaries, and rebels alike to join our coterie of revelers. The spirit of Revel Société parties is an homage to the thoughts and ideas stirred at parties + salons during the 18th century French Enlightenment.



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Revel Société is a home for movers + shakers, free thinkers, philanthropists, rebels + partiers alike. It’s a place to relax, be yourself, be surrounded by likeminded individuals, connect with the community, and uplift the culture. We invite you to join our coterie of revelers.

Level I Membership

Level I membership includes invites to all of the members-only Revel Société parties + events. It is a safe space for us to connect, relax, let loose, grow, build, imbibe, discuss, share and have an amazing time. Revel Société parties are highly curated experiences that give space to let creatives come together and enjoy themselves, while building a community of likeminded individuals.

Level II Membership

Level II membership is for members on that 500 year plan. It’s for active members within the community who are working to create impactful changes for our culture that will leave a legacy. It’s forged from the understanding that we are the culmination of our ancestors wildest dreams and hopes, and so it is therefore up to us to make meaningful changes that are community-building and enriching. Level II members receive all the benefits of Level I, while also being personally invited to work on select group projects with other Level II members that better the lives of our community.